Vendor Information Portal

Empower your vendors with secure, web-based visibility to their invoices and save money by getting your Accounts Payable professionals back to serving internal interests!

The Vendor Information Portal (VIP) can have a profound impact on the relationships you have with your biggest vendors. DDR built the VIP specifically to support a large client moving to a centralized Accounts Payable (AP) department. The application provided immediate benefit to the AP resources by drastically reducing the call volume from vendors trying to track the status of one or many invoices and payments. The application has evolved into and invaluable tool for keeping vendors informed of price, catalog number, and quantity discrepancies that are delaying invoice payment(s). Vendors can quickly determine whether their invoices are causing the payment delay and then make adjustments in their systems to prevent future discrepancies.

VIP Features

Our clients have thousands of vendors and we understand it is not feasible to create and maintain even a small percentage in the VIP application. However, by working with AP leadership, we find that the number of "high volume" or "high maintenance" vendors is actually quite manageable. Vendors who are granted access can log into the application from any web browser without any additional software needing to be installed. Once inside the VIP, vendors are able to:

  • Search for invoice, purchase order, and check information associated with their vendor code
  • Drill into a specific remittance code from the clients system to see:
    • Current terms along with their address information and whether they are on payment hold
    • The sum of invoices that are Past 30, Past 60 and Past 90 days due
    • A link to report that will display all discrepant invoices along with the discrepancy reasons
    • A summary of the number of open invoices and a link to launch a report showing the details
    • A summary of the number of invoices paid in the last 6 months and a link to launch a report showing the details
    • A summary of the number of payments issued over the last 6 months and a link to launch a report showing the details
  • Manage their login account information and provide updated contact information
  • "Drill around" the lower level reports on key data elements to get further details about an invoice
  • Export the lower level reports into a delimited flat file or Microsoft Excel with the click of a button