Simplify how your organization delivers training and certifies it's employees with DDR's WebTrain application and be amazed by the money you save from such an affordable solution!

Unlike many web based training applications on the market, Web Train does not try to be all things to all customers. Rather, DDR took the approach of building an intuitive application that can be quickly deployed by any organization in as little as a week. Our thought from the beginning was, "Clients shouldn't have to train users how to use the Training system." We've achieved that by incorporating common web functionality, designing a clean and simple user interface, and making sure the content is delivered quickly so users aren't waiting on the application.

Why pay for features and functionality you don't need? Call DDR today to find out just how easy and affordable using WebTrain is!

WebTrain Features

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model means there is no hardware to buy or software to install
  • Clients handle development of training content outside of WebTrain using common business tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat so there is no virtually no learning curve
  • Training courses are accessed based on when it fits best into your employees' schedules and do not have to be completed during a single session
  • Allows the client to include quizzes throughout the training to track a user's understanding (results are stored and can be accessed by administrative users)
  • Utilizes email alert functionality to announce the availability of a course, send compliance updates to stakeholders, and remind users who have not yet finished the course
  • Provides a simplistic interface for uploading and converting training content into web based courses
  • Secure environment requiring users to log in with valid credentials and allowing users access only to courses to which they have been granted rights