Empower your leaders with real time budget variance analysis with complete drill down for ultimate visibility!

iViewer® is a web based, self-service ERP decision support application that transforms information into actionable insight. iViewer® extends and enhances the power of ERP packages and disparate systems by presenting information in a seamless, web-based environment. When an organization reduces the number of systems decision makers have to access in order to assemble a complete picture of performance, the organization empowers employees and saves money.

With the myriad of changes occurring in healthcare, one thing is certain: providers must have a sound strategy in place to manage expenses. iViewer® empowers decision makers at all levels, from Department Managers to Directors to Vice Presidents, with visibility to up to the minute expenses incurred by Department, Division, or Facility. The data presentation immediately draws attention to account variances that may require further investigation, which is easily accomplished in iViewer® by drilling down into the data. This “real-time” visibility into your financial and materials management information provides decision makers with the ability to see clearly and intuitively into complex situations; the result – actionable insight.

What better way to understand the tool and to see if it is right for you than taking a personal test drive.

Creating Actionable Insight:

Certainly some insight is gained analyzing historical data and in many cases, corrective actions can eventually be taken. However, to alter financial events before they become history, decision makers must have access to financial information in real-time. iViewer® takes you a step closer to “real-time” financials, providing on-demand access to information that might not otherwise be reviewed until the close of the accounting period. Decision-makers at all levels can securely review ongoing activity using this simple, browser-based, point-and-click application from their PC, tablet, or smart phone.

iViewer® Core Functionality:
  • Customizable Executive Dashboards
  • Budget Variance Reporting in Income Statement Format by company, division, or department
  • Variance email alerts driven by dollar and/or percentage thresholds
  • Ability to enter notes and attachments to explain variances
  • Interactive Financial Tools (see section below)
  • Productivity Statements
  • 140+ Advanced Pages (interactive reports) for Accounts Payable, Materials Management, and Finance
  • Ability to create custom Advanced Pages against ANY SQL server based application or ODBC connection application
  • Drill down capabilities from summarized financials to journal details to accruals, item issues, purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, and check details.
  • Single-click data exports to MS Excel or delimited flat file
  • Ability to launch and display scanned invoice images from 3rd party applications
  • Single sign-on/Windows Authentication compatible

Advanced financial management features, designed to enhance timely access to accurate data:

  • ChartSurfer – quickly identify problem balances while “surfing” from account to account
  • Online Trial Balance – review the details behind the balance and track the data to its source
  • Advanced Pages - operational visibility to journal details by facility, department, account, and/or journal type
  • Detailed Accrual Reporting
  • Asset Depreciation Tracking

Simple to use and implement

iViewer® is not only easy to use, it is simple to install. The application architecture uses native data sources and as such, does not require nightly data feeds or long running updates that are typical of most business intelligence and data warehousing tools. Installing the application requires virtually no help from the client’s IT department and can be put into productive use in as little as 30 days. The innovative application architecture also allows rapid integration of other data sources across varying databases and hardware platforms. This decreases the number of reporting systems decision makers need to access to track performance. How much time and money would your organization be able to save if your resources could easily track supply expenses in the same system as labor details (for example)?

  • Decision-makers at all levels have the information they need to proactively make course corrections and better decisions
  • Departmental information access and accountability are improved
  • Intra-accounting period financial reporting and data accuracy are improved
  • Allows capture and tracking of budget variance explanations and supporting documents for accounts that violate client-determined thresholds
  • Self-service portal is always available via any web browser with an internet connection
  • Eliminates time consuming process of pushing out department reports and cost of storing them on the network
  • Financial close is quicker and easier