Implement and Deploy

Utilizing DDR's professional, experienced consultants not only saves money by minimizing implementation pitfalls but also because we incorporate process best practices and optimization efforts from the start.

DDR Technologies has extensive experience with implementing, migrating, upgrading and optimizing Enterprise Resource Planning software applications in Healthcare, Banking, and Insurance. While our focus has been primarily with McKesson’s Supply Chain and Financial Management and Flexi International’s Financial Management applications, we are also proficient with Lawson, PeopleSoft, and Paragon’s ERP solutions. At our core, we are relational database experts which gives DDR the ability to quickly learn and adapt to almost any ERP application.

On average, DDR consultants have more than 12 years of healthcare industry experience, and we understand the special requirements of each step -- initial implementation, addition of functionality, and integration with existing enterprise applications. We use proven processes and methodologies that are well-managed, fast-paced, low-risk, and impose minimum disruption on your operations. We provide all the steps:

  • Feasibility study, analysis, and implementation planning
  • Business process re-engineering and configuration
  • Custom development
  • Testing
  • Training and acceptance
  • Change management
  • Post-implementation support
DDR teams are already up the learning curve so you can be confident of:
  • Effective project planning and optimal use of resources and budgets
  • Maximum benefits from software investments by intelligent use of features and functions
  • Implementation plans based on thorough business needs analysis so you get all the software’s application benefits
  • Detailed business process requirements analysis for any required enhancements