McKesson ERP Solutions

Migrating a large organization to a new ERP solution seems to get more expensive and cumbersome with each passing year. Let DDR show you that it doesn't have to be that way.

DDR Technologies has helped organizations manage Allscripts (previously McKesson) ERP installations, migrations, and upgrades for over a decade by providing coordinated management, development and maintenance of the clients' complex environments throughout and after the project cycle. DDR doesn’t bring an army of junior consultants to manage spreadsheets and enter data all while billing senior consultant rates. We bring seasoned professionals who have the skills to build tools on the fly that automate the majority of the manual effort.

The result: getting the applications into productive use faster and at a lower cost.

Our unique set of tools have helped reduce implementation, upgrade, and migration cycle times by allowing technology to replace the manual (and very expensive) labor often associated with large scale implementation projects. Reduction of “project bloat” translates to savings for our clients. DDR also works closely with other service provides if a client feels more comfortable having a large consulting company run a major ERP project. Our consultants thrive in environments where the client and project management allow us to "get our hands dirty" instead of being constantly pulled into project planning meetings. This has proven to be extremely valuable to clients transitioning from one major ERP to another as DDR is able to:

  • Provide resources with technical acumen to go along with functional expertise thereby filling critical communication gaps
  • Create tools and project processes that are reliable and repeatable, which is critical when moving legacy data
  • Fluently speak the ERP language regardless of the ERP suite
  • Ensure tertiary applications are not forgotten during the transition
  • Provide project reporting tools to track critical milestones
  • Deliver rapidly while not sacrificing excellence