Paragon Services

Implementing a new, fully integrated EMR/ERP solution is a daunting task that touches every area of the delivery network; acute care, ambulatory, registration, nursing, lab, radiology, supply chain, patient billing, finance…. Let DDR take away some of the burden and anxiety.

DDR Technologies has helped organizations manage Allscripts (previously McKesson) Paragon installations and migrations, providing coordinated management, skilled ERP and technical consultants to guide them through every phase of the ERP implementation. DDR doesn’t bring an army of junior consultants to manage spreadsheets and enter data all while billing senior consultant rates. We bring seasoned professionals who have the skills to build tools on the fly that automate a lot of the manual effort.

The result: getting Paragon into productive use faster and at a lower cost.

Our unique set of tools have helped reduce conversion and migration cycle times by allowing technology to replace the manual (and very expensive) labor often associated with large scale implementation projects. Reduction of “project bloat” translates to savings for our clients. DDR also works closely with other service providers if a client feels more comfortable having a large consulting company run a major ERP project.

DDR can provide resources to assist in the following areas:

  • Conversion file creation and error resolution – Do this right the first time, since you don’t have time to do it twice
  • Conversion, build and implementation of Paragon Security
  • Conversion, build and implementation of Supply Chain and General Financials
  • Provide iViewer2015 to address Advanced Reporting gaps
  • Current and Future business process flow analysis and recommendations – How does the new application meet my business process requirements
  • System, functional and unit testing – Don’t forget how much effort is required to test a fully integrated system
  • Go-Live and Post-Live support – Make sure your users have the support they need while they are adopting the new business process as well as the new features of Paragon