Transition Support Services

Transitioning to a new EMR or ERP System can greatly tax an already thin group of IT Support Resources.

DDR Technologies has helped organizations fill the gap left behind when support staff is moved to support a new EMR or ERP large system implementation. Your current support staff is very valuable and needs to move on to learn these new applications so they can seamlessly transition to providing the same level of support once these applications are activated and live. We can provide the resources you need to keep your current applications running at top efficiency and your current customer base can be confident that their needs will still be met.

The result: getting the EMR or ERP into productive use faster and at a much lower cost.

DDR Transitional Services team can help in the following areas:

  • Provide application resources to man your Help Desk
  • Provide resources with technical acumen to manage your servers and databases
  • Provide technical resources to apply any necessary upgrades to existing applications
  • Help execute GPO or Prime Vendor transitions