Technology Services

Keeping pace with changing technology and knowing which products can actually deliver real ROI is extraordinarily challenging without involving specialists like DDR with a proven track record of maximizing the value of many different applications.

DDR has been successfully upgrading ERP applications from Allscripts, McKesson, Lawson, Paragon, Flexi, and PeopleSoft for over 10 years. We help you create a systematic upgrade strategy that includes:

Application Upgrades
  • Procedures to make best use of the new release’s functionality
  • Advice on organizational challenges, business processes
  • Recommendations for optimizing the new production environment
  • Assessment of new or changed staff training needs
Typical upgrade activities include:
  • Analyze upgrade requirements
  • Formulate upgrade strategy
  • Perform baseline technical upgrade
  • Perform upgrades of customizations
  • Validate interfaces and reports
  • Plan and execute unit test and system test for each affected application
  • Create the system environment for the new application
  • Manage data migration
  • Provide new version delta training
  • Plan and execute post-conversion testing plans, including fall-back if necessary
  • Provide project management or project support as necessary
Database Upgrades

The fact that all of DDR’s products utilize SQL Server Databases in some way means that we interact and develop using SQL Server daily and have to be up-to-date with all planned changes. When it’s time to upgrade your database to a new version of Microsoft SQL Server, DDR Technologies, Inc. can help. We work with you to assess an upgrade’s benefit and plan and execute a risk-appropriate migration including:

  • Procedures to make best use of the new release’s functionality
  • Advice on organizational challenges, business processes, and technical activities that will be needed with the new release
  • Recommendations for optimizing the new production environment
  • Assessment of new or changed staff training needs
Report Development Services

Financial Reporting Services provided by DDR Technologies extend the power of your financial systems. We help provide full visibility into your financials. This lets decision makers at all levels see clearly and intuitively into the complexities of their financial areas of responsibility in a way that creates actionable insight.

DDR spent many years developing financial reports using Crystal Reports and working with Microsoft’s FRx tool, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. We combined those skills with our database and development knowledge to build a powerful Financial Report Writer application that filled the gap left by FRx and allows more simplistic report development and distribution than Crystal Reports. DDR can help clients develop financial reporting with the Financial Report Writer, using our iViewer® application, or through several different SQL tools on the market.

Financial Report Writer Development and Training

As financial systems specialists, DDR provides onsite report development education programs tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Our programs are not just canned presentations of programmatic techniques and tricks, but custom developed programs designed to provide a meaningful hands-on education experience. This equips participants to write accurate financial reports within their unique computing environments for use in the boardroom or their departments.

Browser-based Financial Reporting using iViewer®
For complete details on iViewer® click here

Information is only useful if it is actionable. While some insight can be derived from analyzing historical data, only when you have access to information as it is created can you make real-time course corrections. iViewer®, DDR's browser-based reporting product, brings you closer to real-time financials by providing on-demand access to information. We have leveraged our extensive healthcare financial systems experience to implement numerous standardized and custom browser-based financial reporting applications that include:

  • Executive dashboards
  • Departmental responsibility reports
  • Variance reports
  • Productivity statements
  • Vendor portals

iViewer® is easy to use and provides a clear view into your organization’s most complicated financial structures. Common responsibility and variance reporting features include powerful point-and-click research functionality that allows you to quickly drill down through accrual, invoice, purchase order, check history, and even materials management information. Implementing a DDR browser-based financial reporting solution means:

  • Decision makers at all levels have the information they need to proactively make course corrections
  • Faster decisions that improve margins and enhance efficiency
  • Increased departmental information access
  • Proactive intra-accounting period financial reporting
  • Faster and easier financial close
Custom ERP Report Development

In addition to providing powerful financial reporting tools and services, DDR has also been providing Supply Chain, HR/ Payroll, Accounts Payable, and budget reporting tools for the last 10 years. In healthcare especially, having visibility to off-contract purchases, non-catalog purchases, and non-catalog purchases and using that information to influence future buying behavior can result in significant savings for ANY organization. DDR not only supplies these reports (and many, many others) in a web based, self-service environment but also allows end users to easily export the data so it can be further manipulated using common applications like Microsoft Excel. Our knowledge of relational databases and unique connectivity requirements allows DDR to provide custom report development services against virtually any ERP system. This allows clients to define exactly how they want to search for and display their data.

Custom Development

DDR Technologies can help clients build custom interfaces and capabilities into and around the client’s ERP suite of products. Regardless of what ERP solution a client is using, there are always “gaps” in functionality that a client needs to fill or a need to efficiently and reliably transfer data into and out of the system. DDR has performed this type of work many times in addition to:

  • Custom development and extensions -- reports, interfaces, data conversions, enhancements, and workflows.
  • Custom application analysis and implementation -- strategic planning, risk assessment, development, quality assurance, maintenance, and custom-development outsourcing
  • Accelerated deployment
  • Solutions for unique business requirements
  • Best practices for optimal quality, stability, and performance
  • Support for business innovation
  • Ability to align and adapt custom solutions to business requirements