Consulting and Technology Services

DDR Enterprise Consulting Services are centered on the simple concept that client satisfaction is the key to our success. We believe that the outcome of any project should be a tangible savings in time and money. DDR accomplishes this by reducing project management overhead, offering applications that can quickly install and deploy, and providing experienced resources who aren’t learning on the job at our clients' expense.

DDR Provides a spectrum of services characterized by deep technical and industry knowledge combined with extensive business process knowledge pertaining to supply chain and financial management. We’ve worked hard to form alliances with leading software providers in several industries including Allscripts, McKesson, Flexi International, GHX and GRM.

Implement and Deploy

DDR Technologies has extensive experience with implementing, migrating, upgrading and optimizing Enterprise Resource Planning software applications in Healthcare, Banking, and Insurance. Our core focus is on Allscripts' (previously McKesson’s) Supply Chain and Financial Management, Paragon, and Flexi International’s financial suite of applications; we are also proficient with Lawson and PeopleSoft’s ERP applications.

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Paragon is a significant player in the EMR- HIS marketplace. Using its scalable database platform, fully integrated applications and strength in the community based market, it is moving quickly into larger healthcare enterprises.

Leveraging our strong relationships with our existing clients, DDR has built significant knowledge around many Paragon Modules, with strong skillsets in implementation and conversion of the Materials and Financial modules.

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McKesson Financial and Supply Chain Management

At DDR’s core is the industry’s strongest knowledge base of Allscripts (previously McKesson) ERP applications. Our long term relationship with McKesson and subsequently Allscripts has helped us form a services working relationship that can’t be matched. For more than 13 years, DDR has been helping these ERP customers, large and small, take full advantage of the suite’s rich functionality.

Whether you are facing a fast paced upgrade, new module activation, new facility acquisition or a full implementation of the Allscripts ERP suite, DDR is here to help you be successful.

Transitional Support

Large EMR and ERP implementation projects can leave your customers with very little support for their current applications. These systems remain critical to your organization operation and require the same level of exceptional support your staff has always provided.

The services team at DDR is well prepared to help fill the gaps during your large system transitions. Let your customers continue to receive high levels of support during your transition.

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Technology Services

Often critical projects require technology services that your facility may not be able to deliver with current staff. DDR’s Technical Services team can provide guidance, management and service delivery in following areas:

  • Custom development
  • Application upgrades
  • SQL Server Database upgrades
  • Data Extractions from your ERP apps to support conversion and transitions

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